What crochet supplies do I need before making my first project?

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Before you begin making your first crochet stitches, you need to buy a few basic and needed crochet supplies. Begin with the crochet hooks. Different projects require different crochet hook sizes. From the smallest, nearly microscopic hook to the largest, each instrument helps you produce a piece of textile that might be lacy and delicate or thick, strong and sturdy. The smallest hook is about .60 mm, with a hook tiny enough to grasp the thinnest crochet thread manufactured. The largest is the "S" hook, which is a whopping 19 mm. This hook is ideal for chunky yarns, used to make a heavy scarf or thick rug.

The tiniest hooks are made from stainless steel. Because the hook is so tiny, the steel gives it the needed strength to slip in and out of crocheted loops without breaking. These hooks, sized from a 14 steel up to an 11 steel, are used with the thin crochet threads.

Next, look at the yarns. From the natural fibers, you can choose from wool, rayon, silk, alpaca, mohair, angora, cotton or linen. The man-made yarns include acrylic and nylon, excellent for slippers, children's clothing, afghans and throw rugs. These yarns, depending on their thickness are suitable for crochet hooks sized from a C/2 up to the Q or S hooks.

If you plan to make a lacy tablecloth, a crochet thread and appropriately sized steel hook are the crochet supplies to use. Depending on the size of the table for which you are making the tablecloth, you will need to purchase a large ball of crochet thread. To make a sturdy throw rug, choose a chunky weight yarn and a hook sized from L up to Q or S.

When you come to the end of a row or round, you need to tie off your yarn, then cut it. A high-quality pair of crafting scissors that make a clean cut through the thread or yarn will easily fit in your crafting bag. Finally, after cutting off the thread or yarn, you want to get rid of those unsightly ends. For this, you need a large-eye tapestry needle. Buy a plastic or steel needle and keep this with the rest of your crafting items.

After you have picked up a few skeins of yarn in the color specified in your pattern, as well as a few crochet hooks, you need something in which to store your needed crochet supplies. A large tote bag will easily accommodate your yarn, hooks, scissors and tapestry needle. Store the smallest items in a small plastic bag so you don't lose them as you move your bag from one room to another.

Some optional items include split stitch markers. These help you to mark specified areas on your project, such as the front of the pattern.

A small measuring tape (retractable) comes in handy as you are measuring gauge or the size of a project.

Finally, buy a small metal gauge. This item comes with a small peephole and circular holes cut out of one side, which allows you to measure the gauge of an item you are making, such as a sweater.

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